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It would be easy for me to say I have 28,000 different songs. But the success of your wedding isn't how many songs I can play, it's about the songs you want me to play!

So what can I play? Well every wedding is unique  and that is what makes them so special to the individual couple and their guests. Here at Starlight we make every playlist from scratch to meet every individual needs and requirements. For this we work very closely with you leading up to the big day, discussing all the music you would like during the best night of your lives!

We use the industry standard Pioneer decks with Recordbox to seamlessly mix your performance. We professionally beatmatch all House and Dance sets with full club edits.

Starlight covers music from 80's & 90's, 00s, Pop, Dance and House Music - Quite frankly anything the couple asks for and yes, this does include the cheesey stuff!

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